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When you write the word HOME into google, the first that appears is H&M’s department of home design. You can deduce from that, that humans want to make the place where they live comfortable, cosy. They speak about it as they want to make it feel like home.

We would like to introduce you our poster project, something like advertisement program of an estate agency, which offers various different opportunities to live in world. This way we would like to introduce you the varied palette of human creations. - written by Anna

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Tropical forest houses

In the heart of tropical forest there are special houses. Sometimes you can find them on the tree and sometimes by the river. Walls are made of wood and roof from lianas. It is a material, which they find in the tropical forest. Houses are adapted according to what need the people, who live inside. - written by Monika

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Typical Hungarian house

A typical Hungarian house is for example quite long and small. The characteristic colour is yellow. Many houses in East-Europe have got a veranda, which can be used for a lot of practical things. Another speciality is that these houses usually dispose of a spare room, called pure room. This room is only reserved for guests. - written by Orsolya

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Die Häuser in Südasien

Die Häuser stehen alle auf Holzpfählen, die Außenwände der Häuser sind aus Baumrinden und Blättern vom Teakholzbaum. In die Häuser kommt man nur über eine Leiter. Ist niemand Zuhause wird die Leiter vom Haus weggestellt.
Unter den Häusern werden Ochsenkarren, Wassertöpfe und allerlei Geräte abgestellt.
Die Häuser werden alle in Handarbeit hergestellt. - written by Kauser

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Semi-detached house

These houses are typical for Great Britain, but they are also in Sweden and so on. They are made of red bricks. Each other has a small garden and they are separated by hedges. A big advantage is that houses are very narrow, but high. This is very usefull in big cities, where live lots of people and where are not so much place. The price is about 190 000 €. - written by Monika

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Panel houses

In Europe the first such house was built in 1931 and was designed by the architect Walter Gropius. Construction of panel houses began to spread in the USA in 1945 and in Lithuania such houses have been built since the seventies. Panel houses have many advantages, such as cheaper than the detached houses, upkeep is small and the fellowship of men is very well. - written by Anna Sipos

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Originally was Teepee home for Indians. This dwelling is in fact a big tent, which is made of wooden pillars and a tarp. This tent is unique for its foramen on the top. So it is possible to do a fire inside the tent. In these days is teepee used simply as a tent for camping. The price for teepee is ridiculed from 180 € to 2 200 €. It depends on height of teepee. - written by Monika

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Slums were common in the 18th to 20th centries in the United States and Europe. But today, slums are almost in every country of Africa or South America.
Materials for building are quite unusual. Paper, plastic floors, mud-and-wattle walls, wood held together by ropes.
There are many reasons, why these buildings are built. For example migration, high unemployment, natural disasters or social conflicts. So they are usually built in hurry and living there is probably not easy. - written by Martina

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Bodnu00e1r Emma

- written by Emma, Anna, Kauser

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Typical American house

These houses are most common in America, but people are trying to copy it all over the world. They are usually really big, modern, spacious and full of light because of the large windows with shutters from the outside. Large tidy gardens are typical.
Prices are mostly over 400 000 Euros. - written by Martina

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Chinese square house


Bejing square houses have usually two courtyards, in between them lays a main room, which is the biggest and nicest room of the house, where family ceremonial are celebrated and guests welcomed. All rooms are connected by halls leading to the countryards.
This arrangment embodies patriarchal thinking and offers loads of space and amiable atmosphere. - written by Anna

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Timber is a typical house in Czech lands. What makes these houses unique are its fitting beams, which are connected by a clay mixture. By painting the connections between the beams with lime, a typical image of czech dwelling is achieved. In Roubenka you will find a peaceful and family environment. There is usually a big living room where is a big furnace where housekeeper cooks food for the whole family, it is a place where people talk and spend time together.
- written by Anna

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Loam house


It is a traditional house in Africa, where big families live together. In some countries are the loam houses oblong with roofs made from comyated sheet to save the walls from rain. Unfortunately there are many Loam houses in bad a bad state, because they are very unattended. - written by Emma

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Iglu is a cupolshaped house build by eskimos. A house made from snow was an easy and fast way of accomodation in unfriendly conditions of north pole.
Also other people apart from eskimos use iglus, for example on hunting trips or as an accomodation for scientists rechearching in cold areas. - written by Emma

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Syrische Häuser

Der Stil der syrischen Häuser ist einzigartig-genannt Damaszener Architektur. Sie haben oft einen großen runden Innenhof, in dem mittig ein zweistöckiger Springbrunnen steht. Der ganze Innenhof ist begrünt und mit blühenden Pflanzen geschmückt-fast wie ein Park. Die Hausbewohner können die schöne Aussicht durch die Fenster genießen, die Richtung Innenhof zeigen. Zur Straßenseite sind die Häuser von Arkaden umgeben. - written by Kauser

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Yurt is a typical house for nomads in central Asia and Middle East. It is a round tent from 3m to 20m ample. It is made from lightweight wooden construction covered with skins or felt. Yurt has a doorframe. The roof is often self - supporting the crawn.
Modern yurts may be built on a wooden platform and with modern materials like metal framing,Plexiglass dome, radiant insulation.
The traditional decorations are patterns. These patterns are derived from sacred ornaments with certain symbolism. Symbols representing strenght, four powerful beasts, five elements... - written by Eliška

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International home

It is natural for human beings to call some place a home. It is a place we love, grow up in, place where our family lives, where we feel safe and above all place where we like to come back. We naturally feel some kind of stronger feeling towards place we grow up in. - written by Anna Davidová & Orsolya Svidró & Anna Sipos

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Zitaten zum Thema "Heimat"

Unserer Meinung nach ist es sehr schwer, mit Worten auszudrücken, was "Heimat" bedeutet.Es ist sicher, dass dieses Wort bei jeder Person andere Gefühle auslöst. Wir haben zum Thema Zitaten gesammelt, um zu veranschaulichen, wie anders die Leute über das Thema denken. Etwas haben sie aber trotzdem gemeinsam in diesen Gedanken.
- written by Orsolya Svidró & Anna Sipos

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